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Rapper Fabolous a.k.a John Jackson is a father to a baby boy. The alleged mother of Fabolous’ baby is pictured below. Yet still, much is not known about Fabolus’ new baby boy, but BCK has come to know that Fabolous has been a serious relationship with said-mentioned Baby Mama since the year of 2005.


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  10. how can u not tell that kid is his if u look at tha top pic u can see they have the same bags under their eyes and same nose plus he said it best in “trade it all pt2″ like eny other man i would of zoomed to to tha clinic to so i can see if me and my junior identical.

  11. They all are sweet, his fab is just something special about him that i love. I dont know because of his hotness/or the way he touches me while rapping but i love john jackson. he is my fave male artist ever.

  12. he likes him some latin chicks eh?lol,jus jokez baby is cute and i swear fabolous is full afro-domincan so he is fully black i think. it’s funny how all these rappers act like they only go for perfect looking models, when in realty they go for regular beautiful girls like us. good for her and for him.

  13. why he always saying he’s single and looking for a lady…that fool is a liar…the baby got red hair….a DNA test is needed

  14. To Jasmine:
    Welll, i dont think Fab is racially mixed but rather culturally mixed. One of his parents is Dominican but is a black dominican.(so i have heard). Plus when you look at Fab you cant tell, you just see a black man anyway.

    To Love:
    Black Women happen to be some of the most gorgeous women on Earth and everyone knows that. In the Enertainment industry, performers encounter many different kind of women and it is tempting and you never know who they might end up with. ALthough, it looks like most entertainers marry outside their race, its not true. Most black performers either have blakc girlfriends or wives. In THe NBA most of the players have blakc wives but most people only see the ones who have white ones.
    I strongly doubt black performers see black women in a negative way as any black man would know: BLack Women are the backbone of every black men and they would be out of their minds to negatively portray us.

  15. I think the baby is adorable. I’m a white lady with 3 kids by a black man & they are all very dark. They look black & when their with me, we definately get looks. I’m happy for Fab & his girl. Honestly, having mixed kids, you never know how dark/light they will be. My nephew is mixed as well & he looks totally white. I tend not to judge (but get upset) when people have comments like, “that ain’t his baby” or “that baby is too light to be his”. Everybody is mixed with something. DADS, stop the denying & get a test , then take responsibility for what is yours….

  16. Whoa…Love I don’t think your statement is entirely true. And Fabolous is mixed himself so the way the baby looks makes sense.

    The baby looks so sweet. :)

  17. Absolutely adorable I would love to see more pictures of him. I can see fab really loves him.
    I wonder how old he is.

  18. Are we sure he’s the daddy? looks like a white baby to me…….?
    just sayin.. but he is a chubby cutie pie!

  19. Fab looks like a very doting Dad, the wife/ girlfriend is pretty and the chubbly little one is so adorable! Good luck and well wishes to the family!

  20. So cute he is a cuddy little thing. He is the cutest baby in the game. That is what I called cute baby. I also wonder what his name is.

  21. That is sweet the little boy is too cute. Looks like he takes after his mother. I just wanna pinch his cheeks. I love the third picture of fabolous holding him while he is sleep. That is an adorable baby.

  22. I can tell he really loves his baby. The pictures of them together are heart warming. I think the sweetest sight to me is seeing a father with his young. Being involved and a part of their life. It doesn’t get much better than that. I can really see the baby’s face that well but from what I can he looks like them both. I think the mom is nice looking as well.

  23. I can tell he really loves his baby. The pictures of them together are heart warming. I think the sweetest sight to me is seeing a father with his young. Being involved and a part of their life. It doesn’t get much better than that. I can really see the baby’s face that well but from what I can he looks like them both.

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